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Academic Tutoring


Private Tutoring for IB PYP | IB MYP | IB DP

Our IB tutors are experts in the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and have a proven track record of helping students excel in the PYP, MYP and DP. Our IB tutors are able to provide support to students on all HL & SL subjects including IB English, IB Math, IB Physics, IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Economics, IB History, IB Chinese, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK); as well as assist on the IB Extended Essay (EE).

Separately, group courses are also available for Pre-IB and IB preparation for students intending to pursue the IB diploma in Hong Kong. Run by our qualified IB tutors, these courses can be instrumental in helping students succeed in their IB exams and achieve the scores necessary to get into their top choice schools.

Classes can take place at our center, online, or at the student’s home. Private one-on-one, semi-private, and group courses are available.

IB Primary Years Program (PYP)

We offer private tutoring for the following IB PYP subjects:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • The Arts

IB Middle Years Program (MYP)

We offer private tutoring for the following IB MYP subjects:

  • Language Acquisition
  • Language and Literature
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts and Design
  • Personal Project

IB Diploma Program (DP)

We offer private tutoring for the following IB DP subjects:

  • Mathematics (HL & SL): Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation
  • Language and Literature (HL & SL): Language A: Literature, Language A: Language & Literature, Literature & Performance
  • Sciences (HL & SL): Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design Technology, Physics
  • Individuals & Societies (HL & SL): Business Management, Economics, Geography, Global Politics, History, Information Technology in a Global Society, Social & Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology
  • Language Acquisition (HL & SL): French, German, Mandarin, Spanish
  • The Arts (HL & SL): Film, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • Extended Essay (EE)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can IB tutoring help students succeed?

Our IB tutors work with students to create tailor-made courses, setting them up for success. Whether the student is studying for the IB PYP, MYP or DP, our IB course tutors will develop a plan against their individual goals and needs to ensure they excel and reach their full academic potential.

Is taking the IB worth it?

The IB PYP, MYP and DP, while challenging, helps students develop solid academic foundations and skills that will set them up for a successful academic career. The IB is a very well recognized and respected curriculum globally, hence a successful IB record will be essential to a student’s college prospects.

At Aegis Advisors, our IB tutors help students succeed in both their coursework and exams. We offer a variety of preparatory courses targeted to helping students succeed in the IB program.

How qualified are our IB course tutors?

Many of our IB tutors have completed IB diplomas themselves and have years of experience teaching the IB in their specialized subject areas. Our team’s 14-year track record in helping students achieve their target IB scores thus makes Aegis Advisors one of the top IB tutoring centers in Hong Kong.

Whether you need help on IB math, IB English, IB biology, IB physics, IB chemistry, IB economics, or any other IB subject in both HL and SL, or need assistance on the TOK or your Extended Essay, our IB tutors are here to help.

How does our private IB tutoring work?

Our IB tutoring services are either held online or in person at our center in Hong Kong. The first thing our IB tutors will do is get to know your individual strengths and weaknesses. They will then put together a unique course designed for you to reach your target goals. Regular updates will be provided to parents and regular reviews will also take place to ensure everything is on track.

Ready to take the first step?

We know that excelling in your academic studies is not something that can be done overnight. But true dedication will be met with results that you’re more than proud of.

No student is the same. Learning styles and weak areas of the curriculum will vary across each student. At Aegis Advisors, we offer private tutoring to students in HK customized with a tailor-made approach to ensure that the time you spend with us is both productive and helpful.

For parents, this means a more relaxed and stress-free life at home. For students, this means countless hours saved and a huge confidence boost as you stride onto the next stage of your academic career.

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