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Admissions Consulting

Boarding School

Top Consultants for US and UK Boarding School Admissions

Boarding school can be a transformative experience for students, but fit and suitability are key to finding the right environment for your child to thrive. The admissions process can be a complex and highly confusing field to navigate – that’s where our US and UK boarding school consultants come in. Our team of boarding school admission consultants from Hong Kong work closely with parents and students. Our consultants strive to guide and support them through every step of the application process to ensure acceptances at top US and UK boarding schools.

US Boarding School Applications

The application process for US boarding schools is often seen as more complicated and competitive than college admissions. Our team of US boarding school admissions consultants works closely with families to guide and prepare them through every step of the application process, from school selection to test preparation, profile building, application help, interview preparation, and more.

  • 90% of our students were accepted at the top 30 US boarding schools
Student Assessment
Mentorship & Coaching
Academic Planning
Extracurricular Development
ISEE/SSAT Preparation
Application Strategies
School Selections
Student Statement Assistance
Parent Statement Assistance
Student & Parent Interview Preparation
Portfolio Assistance
Waitlist Assistance

UK Boarding School Applications

With over 2,500 independent schools to choose from within the UK, our team of UK boarding school admissions consultants works closely with families to find the right fit. We also help students navigate through the entire application process from Pre-Tests to the Common Entrance Exam, as well as school-specific interview preparation.

  • 100% of our students received offers from one of the top 30 UK boarding schools
  • 80% of our students were accepted into one of their top choice UK boarding schools
Student Assessment
Mentorship & Coaching
Academic Planning
Reading Lists
Application Strategies
School Selection
Entrance Exam Preparation
Interview Preparation
Offer Selection

Why Aegis Advisors

Our team of experts are always willing and ready to help regardless of whichever boarding school application process you are struggling with. Our expert team of application consultants is well versed in the intricacies of both US and UK boarding school application processes, and we are committed to getting you the best results.

We also offer a range of other services, including SSAT tutoringUK boarding school test preparation, and international school consulting.

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My daughter was studying abroad for a year so applying to boarding schools was especially difficult for us, but Aegis led us through every step of the process. Their consideration, patience and continuous encouragement gave us a lot of confidence along the way. Our advisor was not just an admissions expert, but was also a big sister who provided a lot of comfort for my daughter and also for me as a parent. Thank you Aegis!

Vivian Li
Parent, Phillips Exeter Academy

We are most grateful for Aegis’ professional advice and guidance to our daughters’ boarding school applications. Our advisor was able to truly communicate with our daughters and most importantly, help them identify and develop their areas of interests. Our daughters were also inspired by the tutors and we could see that they have become more mature and confident through the process. The application process was demanding but we received immense support and encouragement all the way, and were very happy with the results.

Parent, Taft School

I can’t thank Aegis enough for helping my daughter to prepare for important interviews with some of the most well-known boarding schools in the U.K. Their relentless efforts, insightful advice, and endless patience transformed my daughter into a more confident person who is no longer afraid of speaking up and voicing her opinions. She received very positive feedback on her interview and eventually got accepted to a top boarding school in the U.K.

Parent, The King’s School, Canterbury

We came to Aegis Advisors because our son needed help in applying for high schools in the U.K. Like many other local school students in Hong Kong, my son had difficulty expressing his point of views and ideas for all the school-specific application requirements. However, the team of advisors at Aegis put in the time, effort, and care to improve my son’s presentation skills and inspire his global views during the process. We were accepted by a number of top schools on our list and we will certainly recommend Aegis to our friends and families.

Connie Lo
Parent, Fettes College

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We know that excelling in your academic studies is not something that can be done overnight. But true dedication will be met with results that you’re more than proud of.

No student is the same. Learning styles and weak areas of the curriculum will vary across each student. At Aegis Advisors, we offer private tutoring to students in HK customized with a tailor-made approach to ensure that the time you spend with us is both productive and helpful.

For parents, this means a more relaxed and stress-free life at home. For students, this means countless hours saved and a huge confidence boost as you stride onto the next stage of your academic career.

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