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IB MYP English Skills Explained

In a previous article, we provided a brief breakdown of the necessary skills that students of MYP English need to have a firm grasp on in order to ace the syllabus and transition smoothly into the DP. This article will provide a deeper insight into each of the Learning Objectives so that you can better understand what each of them means and what the IB syllabus is looking for.

Objective A: Analysing

  • By the end of the MYP English curriculum, students will be expected to be able to analyse content, context, structure and language as used in a text. They should also be able to comment on the effects of the author’s choice on an audience and to justify such literary opinions with examples, explanations and literary terminology. This is a key skill that ties directly to the IB DP syllabus, as language analysis is a core skill required. If you find your child struggling with identifying and commenting on textual features (which is not atypical of kids), you may consider engaging an IB English tutor to support your child so they can have a smoother transition to DP.

Objective B: Organisation

  • This is about effective essay organisation. While this pertains to structuring and referencing as appropriate, it is also about presenting ideas in a coherent and logical way. While most kids at this stage do not usually have a problem with paragraphing and simple structural features like writing an introduction and a conclusion, we have encountered quite a few students who struggle with developing a logical progression in their ideas, leading to less effective transitioning between ideas. If your child is struggling with essay writing, it is a good idea to hire an IB English tutor to support them so they can familiarise themselves with this skill before transitioning to DP.

Objective C: Producing text

  • Writing skills in the MYP syllabus are about engaging with the topic in a creative way, and this extends to being able to select relevant details and examples to develop ideas and arguments. Other skills include making stylistic choices, both literary and visual, to demonstrate awareness of purpose and audience. If your child is having trouble coming up with creative writing ideas or having their own opinion on social issues and current affairs, it would be a good idea to engage an IB English tutor to broaden the scope of their writing.

Objective D: Using language

  • This covers both writing and speaking skills. If you find that your child is frequently marked down on school work for technical mistakes in language usage or finds it difficult to write with more flair, you may want to consider having support from an IB English tutor.

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