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SAT & ACT Tutoring at Aegis Advisors

How many hours are included in the tutoring courses?

Most of our students prefer private tutoring with customized plans. We tailor our lessons to their individual needs. If you would like to understand what your plan could look like, please contact us for details. We also offer various SAT/ACT Courses for students at different stages of preparation. Please refer to our course brochure for details.

How much do our SAT and ACT courses cost?

Please contact us to if you would like more information about our private tutoring services. For information regarding our courses, please refer to our course brochure.

Where will the tutoring take place?

Tutoring can take place wherever is most convenient for the student. Our ACT and SAT tutors can teach students from our center, the student’s home (depending on availability) or online via Zoom.

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

The SAT and ACT are two admissions tests used by US universities to gauge a student’s abilities and assess applications. If a student wishes to study in the US, completing the SAT or ACT is a necessity.

Both tests assess a student’s math, reading and writing abilities, while the ACT also has a science section. Our SAT and ACT tutors are experienced in helping students achieve their best possible results, honing their math, English, and science knowledge.

Ready to take the first step?

We know that excelling in your academic studies is not something that can be done overnight. But true dedication will be met with results that you’re more than proud of.

No student is the same. Learning styles and weak areas of the curriculum will vary across each student. At Aegis Advisors, we offer private tutoring to students in HK customized with a tailor-made approach to ensure that the time you spend with us is both productive and helpful.

For parents, this means a more relaxed and stress-free life at home. For students, this means countless hours saved and a huge confidence boost as you stride onto the next stage of your academic career.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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